Filmnomore Awards Season – The Barry’s are Announced

Tis a new year for all of us but below are the winners of The Barry’s 2014.

Best CinematographySharone Meir for Whiplash.  This may seem an odd choice for some but the way in which the intensity of the scenes is captured and attention to detail is fantastic.  I loved the way this film was shot.


Best AnimationThe Boxtrolls, made my list of ten best films of the year.  Just beat out The Book of Life.


Best Supporting ActressAmy Adams for her appearance in American Hustle.  Didn’t think this was a brilliant film but it was full of fine performances and Miss Adams was the one that shone the brightest.


Best Supporting ActorRobert Duvall for The Judge.  A very personal choice as J.K. Simmons was probably better in Whiplash but I loved what Mr Duvall did in this film.


Best ActressRosamund Pike for Gone Girl.  Incredible tour de force by an actress who finally seems to be establishing herself in the top echelons of her profession.


Best ActorJake Gyllenhaal for his appearance in Nightcrawler.  The film wasn’t good enough to appear in my top ten but I thought his performance was pitch perfect.


Best DirectorChristopher Nolan for Interstellar.  His vision for this film was incredible and he was able to combine good acting with incredible visuals and a great story arc.


Best FilmInterstellar.  Watched this four times in theatre and would have watched it again if it had, had a longer run.  Don’t care about the boo birds complaining about the science blah blah blah.  One of the best films ever made full stop.


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