UK Weekend Box Office – 2nd to 4th January


I know, I know this is really late but I’ve just got through Christmas, it’s my first week back at work.  Give me a break.  The positive thing is that the terminally dull Hobbit movie is no longer number one.  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!  That honour goes to new release The Theory of Everything.  The film that tells the story of the celebrated physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, opened with a splash taking £3.7m on opening weekend.  I watched the film last night and it deserves all the success it gets.

This means that (sound of snoring) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ZZZZZ is number 2 in the charts after managing £3.2m.  The top three was rounded out by Paddington that as I expected was the pick of the year end family-friendly litter and took another £2.8m after six weeks of release.  That film has now passed the most recent Hunger Games film with a gross of £30.8m since release.

There were two other new releases worth mentioning this week.  The critics favourite, Birdman, opened with £1.5m which I think is more than it managed in the US on opening.  Horror film The Woman in Black: Angel of Death managed a respectable fourth spot after a weekend gross of £2.4m.

I’m expecting a bit of a shake-up this weekend with three interesting releases.  Let’s see what happens.


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