UK Weekend Box Office – 9th to 11th January


Last weekend proved that film quality bears no relation to box office performance.  Taken 3 topped the charts with a staggering opening weekend of £6.7m.  Is this really the end?  I hope so but ermmmm its making money.  It’s difficult for me to type the next thing but here goes – Into The Woods … (sound of tumble weed in the desert) … opened in second position.  £2.47m for that staggeringly awful piece of nonsense.  Oh well there are plenty of months left in the year.

The Theory of Everything had a solid second week as box office only fell 34% week-on-week to £2.46m.  While it didn’t have a spectacular opening in general terms opening in 8th spot, Foxcatcher did really well for a small film.

I’m expecting to see more churn in the coming weeks as there are plenty of films are coming out.  Make sure you catch Whiplash this weekend if you’re in the UK – I watched a preview in December and it’s fantastic.  Made my top ten of 2014.


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