Mortdecai (2015) – Film Review


Mortdecai sees a rare outing of David Koepp as a director as opposed to screenwriter of multiple blockbuster films.  The film is something of a spy genre spoof and is based on some 1970’s books written by Kyril Bonfiglioli.  The title role is taken by Johnny Depp who yet again adopts an English accent and quite incredible moustache.  Despite having the appearance of being a wealthy member of the English gentry he owes millions to the taxman and just can’t help getting himself in trouble through the art / antiques underworld.

His past is finally catching up with him and he is forced by Inspector Martland (Ewan McGregor) of MI5 to track known an important painting to it can’t be used to fund terrorism.  I wouldn’t worry too much about the plot as it twists and turns because this is a comedy that isn’t funny.  To be blunt it’s rubbish.  The filmmakers seemed to be going for quirky comedy with an edge but the humour is way off the mark.  Mortdecai has a line about being deep in her majesty’s hole and in another scene it is commented that his moustache is the same shape as ladies bits.

There are some odd running jokes such as having a sympathetic gag reflex and a man servant called Jock (Paul Bettany) who is insatiable to the opposite sex, who in a horribly misjudged scene leaves an airplane toilet after another indiscretion to find his conquest is a relatively new mother who takes her seat next to her partner.  Oh how hilarious – my skin crawled and I completely lost patience with this film.

I read an interview given by Paul Bettany recently that described how Johnny Depp doesn’t watch his films or read any reviews.  Well it shows and he won’t be wanting to read any reviews about Mortdecai.  I briefly got into a Twitter spat with someone who enjoyed this film after I said shame on anyone who gave money to see this and I stand by that statement.  It’s toilet waste.  Go watch Whiplash (2014) or Ex Machina (2015) instead.  Rating 1/5.

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