UK Weekend Box Office Review – 23rd to 25th January


We’ve seen something pretty unique at the UK box office this week.  American Sniper that had a solid opening weekend has found itself on the top spot after it held its ground and none of the new offerings came close to toppling it.  The film made as near as makes no difference the same amount of money as the previous weekend at £2.54m.  Taken 3 is continuing to draw punters after three weeks but is gradually losing steam in second place with £1.81m.

The Theory of Everything (my favourite film so far of 2015) rounded out the top three after a weekend box office of £1.59m.  The best performing new release was Ex Machina that opened in fifth spot with £1.1m – a respectable total for a smaller film but disappointing from a personal perspective because I think it’s really interesting and screws with your brain a bit.

The most amazing story this week is that Mortdecai beat The Gambler.  The Gambler might not be a masterpiece but it’s a dam side better that the stink bomb, poo pile, or whatever terminology you wish to use about Mortdecai.  With snow threatening overnight the end of the world may be nigh.  I hope you see again my friends, if not, it’s been great knowing you.


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