New Releases in UK Cinemas – Weekend Commencing 30th January


There are two big releases this week.  The one I am looking forward to is Kingsman: The Secret Service starring Colin Firth and directed by Matthew Vaughn.  Some kind of spin on the spy genre with teenagers.  I wasn’t expecting too much initially and started to get really concerned when the Studio delayed its release last year.  Then they released a new trailer last month and it looks fantastic.  Expectations in check I’ll be making my way down to the cinema over the weekend.

The other release is the film that I almost refuse to acknowledge exists –Big Hero 6.  The animated tale from Disney focuses on the relationship between an inflatable robot and young(ish) boy.  This is the film that stopped Interstellar (2014) from making it to number one on the US on opening weekend.  I understand that harbouring such hostility makes no sense but since when has logic had a place in the movies.  It will probably be quite good but it begins with a disadvantage.

There are a couple of other smaller releases that are getting a wide release this weekend.  Paul Thomas Anderson fans will be heading out to see Inherent Vice starring Joaquin Phoenix as a detective in 1970’s Los Angeles.  This film has had mixed reviews but based on the talent involved I doubt it’ll be boring.

The other release I referred to is Trash set in the rubbish dumps of Brazil.  It’s worth noting that Richard Curtis has a screenplay credit and the film is directed by Stephen Daldry who is best known for directing Billy Elliot.

What are you looking forward to?  Let me know.


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