New UK Cinema Releases – Weekend Commencing 6th February


There are four films with a relatively wide release arriving in the UK this weekend.  The biggest name is Jupiter Ascending.  The omens aren’t good for the latest film from the Wachowski brothers.  This science fiction film that appears to centre around the Mila Kunis character as a princess who doesn’t know it was delayed by a number of months at the very last minute and looks like it’s been buried in the grave yard shift.

The film that I am most interested in is the Oscar nominated Selma, based on the real life story of Martin Luther King Jnr and the events that took place in 1965 as he strove to earn equal voting rights for African Americans (I’ve think I’ve used the acceptable term).  It has the potential to be a very powerful story so fingers crossed everyone.

Also out this weekend is the latest production from the delightfully eccentric Aardman Animation.  The Shaun The Sheep Movie is based on a character who I think featured in an early Wallace and Gromit animation who ended up with his own TV series and now full length film.  Either way Shaun will be trying to get his herd back from the big city in one piece.

Finally we have the film that almost wasn’t – The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.  Despite the excitement in the US the film is landing on these shores with barely a whisper.  The dynamic duo play two journalists who somehow land an interview with the leader of North Korea and are hired by the CIA to assassinate him.

Let me know what you are looking forward to.


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