UK Weekend Box Office – 6th to 8th February


I had to rub my eyes this week as the top of the chart appears identical to last weekend.  Big Hero 6 was number one with takings of £2.54m.  In the number two spot was Kingsman: The Secret Service with £2.19m.  Point to note, despite being number two at the weekends, Kingsman has grossed more money than Big Hero 6 to date.  Big Hero 6 is reliant on the family crowd who primarily coming out at the weekend while Kingsman is attracting people everyday of the week.

Shaun The Sheep Movie was the biggest new film in third place with takings of £2.10m.  Jupiter Ascending also opening this weekend (my review to follow as soon as I’ve finished this post) and while it didn’t completely bomb in fourth place and £1.35m it’s not going to do much in terms of repaying the alleged $175m production budget.

Looking ahead obviously there’s going to be an new number one this weekend.  There’s a new film coming out to virtually no competition that is expected to decimate everything else.  You might have heard of it – Fifty Shades of Grey.  I was planning to wait until Monday to see it for a cheaper price but I’m being pressured to go over the weekend so I’ll probably check it out on Sunday with a review to follow later that day or Monday evening.

Source: BFI


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