UK Weekend Box Office – 13th to 15th February


For once it’s not my fault this blog is appearing on a Thursday and not a Wednesday.  The BFI (British Film Institute) were a little late in uploading the latest box office spreadsheet.  Anyway, in what some are calling the greatest surprise since I said no to a free doughnut, Fifty Shades of Grey stomped all over the rest of the UK box office earning £13.6m on its opening weekend.  To put this into perspective it took more money than the other films in the top fifteen combined.

It’ll be interesting to see the drop off next weekend but I doubt the film’s backers will care as it’s already made its money back and some.  Big Hero 6 was second in the charts with £1.8m and Shaun The Sheep Movie was in third after it’s second weekend in cinemas.  After just a 17% drop week-on-week at £1.7m I think this film is going to have legs with the family audience propping it up for weeks to come.

Two other things of note.  The Theory of Everything is still in the top ten (number eight) after seven weeks.  It’s latest haul of £0.52m means it has taken £18.9m since release.  Paddington has been one of the biggest winners in the last few months clinging onto tenth place, 12 weeks after release, having taken £36.1m to date.  Lesson for budding film makers – make a good kids film on a small budget and you can retire off the back of one project.

Anything stand out to you?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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