UK Cinema New Releases – 6th March to 8th March


The weekend is nearly upon us which means one thing – what films are we going to watch?  I’ve reviewed the slate of new releases and have identified four movies for your consideration.  The first is in my humble opinion the most interesting and it is the latest film from director Neill Blomkamp (District 9 (2009)).  Chappie appears to be centred around a new AI creation that looks a bit like Johnny No 5 from Short Circuit (1986) although with a 15 rating I don’t think this is going to be as family friendly.  I’m expecting a tale that will explore the theme of prejudice and being an outsider.  Look out for a very exciting Hugh Jackman haircut.

If it’s Oscar winning fare you’re after then Still Alice opens this weekend albeit with a very limited release.  The nearest cinema to me showing it is over 20 miles away and that’s only because I live quite close to Manchester.  If you are lucky enough to be living close to a cinema screening the movie it will probably be worth checking out Julianne Moore’s Oscar winning performance as an academic fighting Alzheimer’s.

On a more light hearted note Vince Vaughn has a new comedy out, Unfinished Business, during which we are encouraged to ‘lose our sh*t’.  If it’s a slow weekend you might see me in a screening trying to use up one of the dozen or more two for £10 coupons I have collected in my wallet.  Don’t know what the plot is but I don’t think it really matters that much.

Finally I have picked out a low key entry which has received next to no publicity in the UK and it’s called Kill The Messenger starring Jeremy Renner.  The film was released in the US last year and is being rolled out across Europe veryyyyyy, veryyyyyy slowly.  I think it only comes out in Germany in August or something.  Mr Renner plays a reporter who attracts the wrath of the CIA after exposing their role in arming rebels in Nicaragua.  It is based on the story of real-life reporter Gary Webb.

That’s my pick of the litter but what about you?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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