UK Weekend Box Office – 6th to 8th March


Crikey, what a weekend at the UK box office.  In what must have been a disappointing weekend for cinema owners it was a so-so film in its second week of release that topped the charts.  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel held on the number one spot despite a 48% week-on-week drop to £1.96m.

Will Smith vehicle Focus was at number two with £1.31m while Fifty Shades of Grey continues to attract cinema goers after four weeks on release managing takings of £1.07m.  The new releases for the week all performed poorly.  I expected Chappie to challenge for the top spot but poor reviews and a dodgy looking cast probably cost the film dear as it only managed fourth spot.  The film crept over the £1m mark while the story was even worse for the badly received comedy Unfinished Business.  The Vince Vaughn led project was in ninth spot with £0.40m in takings and was humbled by Still Alice.  Despite being only available in 86 cinemas the movie was in eight spot a few thousand pounds ahead over the weekend.

My local cinema manager must be preying for a strong weekend from Insurgent and The Avengers can’t come soon enough.


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