UK Cinema New Releases – Weekend Commencing 13th March


What an exciting weekend at the UK cinema.  No really it’s amazing and I have in no way been offered free tickets for life at my local cinema.  The’big’ release this week see’s Liam Neeson return for Taken 4 sorry Run All Night in an entirely original concept about a mob hit man who has a night to kill a lot of bad guys to protect a member of his family.  Perhaps he has a special set of skills?

For those of you who might be seeking out something a little more serious there is Suite Francaise which must by law be pronounced with a faux French accent.  The film is based on the book of the same name that was written at the time of the Nazi occupation in France but only published after the author’s death in 2004.  In the film a young French lady finds forbidden love with a German army officer.  I’m guessing sophisticated melodrama.

I won’t ask what you’re looking forward to.  Hopefully better to come next week.


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