UK Weekend Box Office – 13th to 15th March


Please make it stop.  It was bad enough that Transformers 4 (2014) made so much money but the second best hotel thingy has survived another week at the top spot at the UK weekend box office.  Some of you will now be labeling me as ageist etc etc but no it’s just not very good and should not be the number one in any chart.  We have been in the doldrums for a couple of weeks now and it’s getting a little tiresome.

The performance of Run All Night in second place suggests that Neeson fatigue is setting in with audiences.  Despite it being the best Neeson film I have seen for weeks it could only muster a paltry £0.82m.  The top three was rounded out by Focus which is demonstrating some staying power albeit in a week market as it managed £0.81 at the start of its third week in UK screens.

Suite Francaise was the other new release I saw over the weekend and for a small British film it managed a respectable fourth position with £0.5m.  Unfinished Business has seen the wheels well and truly come off the wagon as it slipped out of the top ten into 13th spot with an eye-wateringly poor £0.11m.  If you really want to catch this film get down to your local cinema now as I can’t see it surviving to a third week.

I expect to see some changes next week as Insurgent (2015) lands alongside kid-friendly animation Home (2015).  A little birdie told me it took in excess of £2m during its previews over the weekend.

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