What’s Proving Popular in the US of A – Box Office results

A look at what happened at the US Box Office – May 22nd to 24th 2015


I try my best not to get emotional and accept what I can and can’t control.  Film is ultimately subjective and believe it or not it is possible to find people who say that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) is a good film.  However, further evidence has emerged that our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic are a bunch of blithering idiots (too much?).  Tomorowland opened over the weekend to mixed reviews and a distinctly disappointing box office total.  The scores are in and the film took $33m (rounded up) for a movie with a budget of $190m.  Oh dear, there’s going to be some Disney executives needing counselling after that performance.  I can’t feel sorry for them because Marvel is raking it in for them and if you haven’t heard there’s a little film called Star Wars coming out later in the year.  I think they’ll make it through.

That being said WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE DOING OVER THE WEEKEND!  Tomorrowland is (by a nose) the best film of 2015 so far.  I’m closer to 40 than 30 and am in no way the target audience for this movie but if I can seen its brilliance why can’t others?  I’ve sat through a lot of dross in the last few weeks and I consider this film my reward.  Anyway a brief break to restore my composure …

A fresh cup of tea brewed I can talk about Mad Max: Fury Road.  As predicted positive word of mouth is hopefully going to sustain this film for a few weeks yet and the Studio will get its money back.  Warner Bros looks to pushing ahead with the next installment and my prediction is the next film will have a much stronger opening.  In its second weekend the film managed $24.8m, a drop-off of 45%, beating the typical figure of 50-60%.  Here’s hoping it does a Kingsman (2015) and stays in the top five for weeks to come.

It’ll be interesting to see how Tomorrowland performs here in the UK.  Results should be available to me on Wednesday and I look forward to boasting about how much sophisticated and savvy British film goers are as the film whips the competition.  It’s either that or a contrite admission I was wrong and everyone else is right.


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