Trailer Review – Point Break (2015)

The Filmnomore Movie Blog takes a look at the first trailer for the Point Break remake

I don’t have many clear memories of the first Point Break beyond it being a bit of a cool surfer dude thing with some criminal activity thrown in.  From the trailer it would appear that this has been updated to encapsulate all extreme supports.  My gut reaction is that they’ve tried to take a lot from the Fast and Furious franchise – the trailer makes it clear that there are going to be a lot of stunts and jumping from tall things while being cool.

The plot for what’s worth is going to revolve around a young under cover cop (Utah) infiltrating a gang of extreme sport enthusiasts who are attempting to subvert the world economy.  Events are going to come to a head at a massive gold mine and Utah’s loyalty to the good guys is going to be tested – just who’s side are you on son?

I’m really nervous about this film.  The acting looks terrible – let’s hope the stunts make up for it … There’s a strange stink in the air – I wonder what that could be?


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