What the Brit’s are Watching – UK Box Office 22nd to 24th May 2015

It’s a tough day for the filmnomore movie blog creator


As I mentioned yesterday the box office results have been available for the UK box office and it makes sad reading from last weekend.  I have been successfully coaxed from the dark place under my desk.  Having berated my idiotic cousins across the pond for not going to see Tomorrowland in their droves it turns out my countrymen are beyond saving.  At the second coming of Christ they’re all going to be lined up and their hearts removed slowly with a blunt spoon.  I credit a Mr Alan Rickman for the inspiration.

Despite being THE new release last weekend it could only manage third with a paltry £1.48m and barely held off Poltergeist (£1.43m) for a step on the podium.  The top two spots remained unchanged as Pitch Perfect 2 held onto the top spot (£2.67m) fending off Mad Max: Fury Road (£2.64m).

I can write no more, it’s time to get my coat and sack myself from amateur film criticism.  On the bright side I’m going to publish my review of 2001: A Space Odyssey tomorrow … THEN we’ll see just how far removed from popular sentiment I am.


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