Warm Bodies (2013) – Film Review

The Filmnomore Movie Blog ponders what it means to be human with Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies was written and directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50 (2011)) and was based on a novel of the same same by author Isaac Marion.  It is the future and zombies have come to dominate the US (and who knows the world).  R (Nicholas Hoult) finds himself wandering around the streets of the city and an abandoned airport while delivering an internal monologue (he can’t speak) upset about his posture and pale skin.  He can’t help it of course he’s dead.  R’s ‘life’ takes an unexpected turn when on the hunt for food he encounters Julie (Teresa Palmer) and kills her boyfriend.

My takeaway in terms of the message of this film was you should never give up hope no matter how desperate the situation.  The penalty in Warm Bodies is that you turn into a weird skeletal creature dubbed a Boney and at this point there is no way back and you abandon yourself to the dark side.  On the other hand if you look for the positive in your situation and can reconnect with your fellow man (woman in this case) you will be rewarded.  It’s certainly seems a far cry from Disney’s true love’s kiss but it’s the same principle.  The argument can also be made that it’s a spin on apartheid and the reconciliation of two sides that appear radically different but are fundamentally the same beneath the skin.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about transformative acting performances recently and Hoult delivers again as he has to finely balance his physical transformation over 90 minutes and measuring the improvements in his speech.  He is helped along the way by a fine job by the make-up department who must have had a hell of a job graduating his skin tone.  The film doesn’t deliver on the humour as well as something like Zombieland (2009).  I understood what it was aiming for but I didn’t always crack a smile.

Warm Bodies is a sweet little film and it found a decent audience delivering $117m on a $35m budget.  It falls under the category of will catch it on TV but won’t be adding it to my permanent DVD collection.  My rating 3/5.


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