Trailer Review – American Ultra (2015)

The Filmnomore Movie Blog takes a look at the trailer for American Ultra starring Jessie Eisenberg

WARNING – this trailer contains language of an adult nature and violence

This movie looks like a comedy spy thriller as Jessie Eisenberg is a ground level supermarket/store employee with a love of exotic cigarettes.  As it turns out he’s a sleeper, a secret agent waiting to be activated, but when he is given the secret code things go awry.  He doesn’t appear to remember who he is but his lethal set of skills are switched on.  Think the first Bourne movie when Matt Damon is able to take out two cops but doesn’t know how he did it.  Kristin Stewart plays his girlfriend while Topher Grace is the spy boss out for his blood.

My takeaway from the trailer is that I’m either going to love it or hate it.  American Ultra is going to attempt to walk a very fine line in terms of dark humour.  I’ll have to see the whole film to be sure.  Are you excited by this film?  Let me hear  your thoughts in the comments section below.


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