What They’re Watching Across the Pond – US Box Office May 29th to 31st

It’s all becoming a little too much for our Editor-In-Chief (i.e. Me)


This week I joined a small (very) underground network of movie bloggers who believe that Tomorrowland is an underrated work of great vision and passion.  Our attempts at turning the tide have sadly failed as our pleas have fallen on deaf ears as film goers in the US have trooped in, in their unthinking masses into the new blockbuster of the week, San Andreas.  The film has opened slightly ahead of estimates at $53m according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Tomorrowland in contrast saw a significant 58% drop off in during its second weekend in theatres managing a relatively paltry $13.8m.  That sort of result tells me and the world that the audience is coming back for more and the word of mouth isn’t there.  Mad Max: Fury Road on the other hand may be demonstrating that staying power – the film might not be doing quite as well as Pitch Perfect 2 but it is fighting an R rating and having not been on the screen in 30 years.  On its third weekend the movie managed forth place in the charts and $13.6m.  It will be interesting to see if next week it does better than Tomorrowland despite being on release for longer.


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