Trailer Review – The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The Filmnomore Movie Blog looks at the first teaser trailer for delayed Pixar film The Good Dinosaur

I’ll be honest this is the very definition of a teaser trailer.  It gives you the barest preface of the plot than signs off with no dialogue, no clue as to the main characters, nothing.  However, I decide to feature it as (from what I understand) this is the film that meant Pixar didn’t release anything in cinemas in 2014.  The story goes that Pixar wasn’t happy with the the story/direction of the project so went back to basics.

The premise of the film is very interesting – what if the asteroid that we all know wiped out the dinosaurs missed the Earth?  It’s funny to see the dinosaurs grazing before briefly looking up to the night sky as the asteroid goes screaming past before returning to dinner without as much as a murmur.  There is a clue that there will be human involvement in the story.  There is a hand print against a dinosaur cave painting right at the end of the trailer.  No doubt we’ll have to see the first full trailer to understand what our role will be.  Expect the movie to hit theatres in time for Christmas.


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