UK Box Office – 29th to 31st May

The Filmnomore Movie Blog finds that UK cinema goers have a little more taste than others it can mention


If you smeeelllellllellll what Dwayne Johnson is cooking you’re a little too close to the camp fire … either that or you are aware that disaster porn sells on both sides of the Atlantic.  San Andreas had a strong opening weekend in the UK managing £4.6m.  Mad Max: Fury Road is still going gang busters on its third weekend managing a relatively minor 34% drop off on the previous week at £1,7m.  The movie has now managed to rake in £13.7m so far which is good going in the UK.  That being said it’s got a long way to go to catch The Avengers: Age of Ultron which has now taken £47.1m since being released.  Crikey.

More important than all of that is the performance of Tomorrowland in its second weekend of release.  Yes, this is still me banging on about how great this film is and why everyone should go and watch it.  Clearly my campaign is working – the movie managed £1m last weekend with an almost unheard of fall of just 27%.  In an era when a 40% drop from opening weekend to the following week is considered good this is the stuff of legend.  I can now take sole credit for saving this film at the worldwide box office.  And for my next miracle, Danny Collins


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