What’s New in UK Cinemas – Weekend Commencing 5th June


The Filmnomore Movie Blog takes a peek at what’s new coming out in UK cinemas

The ‘big’ release this weekend will be the comedy espionage release Spy starring Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jude Law and Jason Statham.  The early reviews are out from those lucky enough to be invited to press screenings and the response is overwhelmingly positive.  Melissa McCarthy plays a desk-jocky CIA analyst who is called upon to become a field operative after other officers are compromised.  I’m not a fan of modern Hollywood comedies in general but I’m hoping it might be another Kingsman.  Maybe I’m asking for too much but look out for my review, probably Monday.

If horror is your thing then the third installment of the Insidious franchise also hits UK screens this weekend.  I don’t watch horror flicks so I’m not the best person to write on this.  While this is the third film I am reliably informed it is a prequel set before the haunting of the original family.  The film focuses on a psychic who may have been in one of the previous two who tries to help a teenage girl contact a dead relative.  I’ve watched one review and it was just positive.  Some good, some bad so I’ll have to leave it to you to decide.

For stink of the week the most likely candidate is a film I have heard next to nothing about called Survivor.  The film has some decent talent including Milla Jovovich and Pierce Brosnan.  I believe that Jovovich is a State Department employee working out of the US Embassy in London.  Her role involves trying to stop terrorists from entering the US but this leads her into a world of trouble.  I’ve checked and the film isn’t being shown at my local multiplex so …

Anyhow what are you looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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