Bridge of Spies (2015) – Trailer Review

The Filmnomore Movie Blog passes judgement on the first trailer for Bridge of Spies – Directed by Spielberg, starring Hanks, Oscar anyone?

Well here it is folks the first trailer for the Steven Spielberg directed Bridge of Spies has dropped on the Interweb thingy.  The trailer sets out the basis of the plot – Tom Hanks is an insurance lawyer who for some reason is asked to defend an individual who has been arrested as an alleged Soviet spy during the cold war.  To quote the trailer the “wrinkle” is that a US U2 spy plane has been shot down during a mission and the pilot has been captured.  The Soviet Union requests a prisoner swap and Hanks’ character looks like he’s going to be asked to handle the negotiation.

It’s not clear after first viewing how Hanks representing the alleged spy is going to relate to the negotiation but what is clear from the trailer is that during a period of near hysteria, regarding the Communist threat, he is on a collision course with some red blooded Americans.  The trailer also shows Hanks in East Berlin on the Soviet side of the Berlin Wall this time finding himself in conflict with the “enemy”.  I think Spielberg is going to try and serve up a big bowl of paranoia as Hanks faces enemies (foreign and domestic) with multiple agendas.  Who can he possibly trust and can he protect his family.  The movie will be well directed and well acted.  It’s success or otherwise will depend on whether it delivers on the suspense and paranoia.  It’s due out in October so not too long to wait.


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