Ricki and The Flash (2015) – Trailer Review

The Filmnomore Movie Blog watches Meryl Streep try to pull off an aging pop/rock star look in this UK trailer

I decided to watch this trailer for no other reason than I saw Meryl Streep’s name attached to the film.  Ricki and the Flash is setting itself up as an offbeat family drama with a bit of comedy thrown in.  Streep’s character is a small-time music star who looks like she spends most of her time on the road which has left her distant from her family.  I suspect she was happy to keep it that way but when her daughter’s husband leaves her she returns home to presumably reconnect and clean up the emotional mess left behind.

Her return home isn’t going to be easy and I am predicting a fair amount of angst as various skeletons find their way out of the cupboard as there’s going to be plenty of storming out of rooms before the inevitable reconciliation.  I also suspect that music is going to be part of that reconciliation.  My expectations aren’t high but never rule out the Streep as there may be a few twists and turns being held back for audiences to discover.  Check out the trailer below.


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