The Martian (2015) – Trailer Review

The Filmnomore Movie Blog gets in touch with its inner little green man as the first trailer for The Martian hits the Internet


This is a film for me that has led to feelings of excitement and great fear.  The idea of Matt Damon in an epic science fiction story about being stranded on an alien world has all the makings of a massive hit.  On the other hand it’s directed by Ridley Scott who despite maintaining his reputation for fantastic visuals hasn’t been telling the greatest stories in recent years.  This trailer hasn’t allayed those fears.  It opens strongly with a Castaway meets Apollo 13 vibe.  A man is stranded and must learn to maxmise the resources around him to survive against the odds not sure if he can make contact with the outside world while the mission faces failure.

But wait a minute.  What’s happening now … He can make contact … The crew that left him behind are considering disobeying NASA and going back to Mars to retrieve him and all of a sudden the score has changed and I’m watching an action adventure romp set in space.  If we do this wrong we die, if that doesn’t go right we die.  Give me a break.  This part of the trailer is starting to take on an Armageddon vibe.  There’s also the merest hint of conspiracy thriller – is the NASA boss going to admit Damon is still alive?  Why doesn’t NASA want the crew to turn around?  I must stress that this is just a trailer and could have been cut in such away to try and appeal to an audience that wouldn’t be too interested in watching an astronaut trying to grow crops.  The bit which scares me is the one scene with Jessica Chastain’s rather poor dialogue.  Ermmm, I hope I’m wrong but I have a bad feeling about this.  Watch the trailer below and let me know if you agree with me.


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