US Box Office 5th to 7th June – The Results are in

The Filmnomore Movie Blog summarises the hits and misses of the last weekend at the US Box Office


It came as no surprise to anyone that Paul Feig’s movie Spy topped the box office in North America in what was a lacklustre weekend overall.  The film came in at the lower end of predictions at $30m.  My theory (and I am biased) is that despite the positive buzz, the film got found out when word of mouth started to spread that it had a few problems.  The real test of that theory will come next week when we see the second week’s numbers.  If they drop more than 50% I’ll be yelling told you so, told you so!  If the film does better than that I’ll be keeping my mouth shut and pretending this paragraph never existed.

San Andreas fell 51% to $26.4m falling a single spot to second while Insidious Chapter 3 couldn’t keep up with Spy despite a decent early showing with $23m on its opening weekend.  The disappointment of the week award goes to Entourage which despite its apparent popularity as a TV series failed to find a cinematic audience.  The film opened with $10.4m and I’m worried it’s going to sink quickly with Jurassic World and The Minions coming out in the next few weeks.  For the record Aloha has really paid the price for poor reviews and word of mouth after sales fell 66% to $3.3m.  It won’t be in the top ten next weekend.  Back to the drawing board for Mr Crowe.


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