A Rough Weekend at the UK Box Office – 5th to 7th June

Spy has a decent opening while the incumbents had a tough time – The Filmnomore Movie Blog reviews the carnage


I think the Polar Bear has it about right.  Spy matched its US opening weekend success after topping the UK box office with £2.6m.  This is a solid weekend but not a patch on San Andreas which topped the £4m mark.  The disaster flick saw its take of the box office fall 61% to £1.8m mirroring its performance across the pond and setting the trend for the other incumbent films in the top ten.  Every other film in the top 15 in fact that was on its second weekend or later saw falls of between 60 and 80%.  Ouch!  The hardest hit were Tomorrowland (70%), Man Up (73%) and Poltergeist (82%).

There was one exception that proved the rule – Mad Max: Fury Road.  In what was something of a slaughter the film finally had a better week than Pitch Perfect 2 managing £0.8m in fourth place, a fall of 54%.  There’s not much to shake things up this weekend although Jurassic World is expected to squash everything opening to zero competition in the UK.  It has by far and away the largest number of screenings at my local world of cine.  It’s just a question of how much money will it make.


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