How Torrents Could Kill Independent Movie Making

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Wyrmwood postapocalyptic zombie film

Wyrmwood, a postapocalyptic Australian mix of “Mad Max” and “Dawn of the Dead”is on the list of the most-torrented-movies of this year. This means: Wyrmwood is one of this year´s most pirated movies. What sounds like an interesting side note at first is a symptom of what could kill independent and guerilla movie making in the long run. Leaving those who watch and download films with films not even worth downloading. Check out this teaser which is from Wyrmwood’s crowdfunding campaign:

Don´t get me wrong. I love many of the mainstream movies. What´s better than watching The Rock fighting a horde of undead as Hercules or Vin Diesel sitting in a Porsche delivering a one-liner with his bear-voice? But the studio movies work in a different economic system and it would be too much trying to pack that into this post, so I will focus on…

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