Love & Mercy (2015) – Trailer Review

Love & Mercy – The Filmnomore Movie Blog watches the first UK trailer for this take on Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys

Love & Mercy appears to be a film that is going to focus on the life of Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame) from discovering his musical genius to his later battles with mental illness.  He appears to be inspired by the more experimental sounds adopted by The Beatles before the broke up and enters an intensely creative period of his live.  Unfortunately this creativity gives way to the voices in his head which will eventually lead to a reliance on medication.

What is unclear from the trailer is how he comes under the influence of Paul Giamatti’s character although it sets up a confrontation with Elizabeth Banks as the new love interest for Wilson.  It will be interesting to see the split in the film between time spent with the young versus old Wilson.  It’s also great to see John Cusack potentially returning to the fore as a serious actor – I’ve seen his face on too many straight-to-DVD action flicks.  Strong cast, great music.  I hope Love & Mercy gets a wide release and I can see it.  Are you excited for this film?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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