US Box Office June 12th to 14th – WARNING, this blog contains shock news …

… perhaps not shock news but not even Mr Half-Glass-Full man (or lady) saw this coming


If you meet anyone in the street who puffs out their chest and says ‘yeah, I knew Jurassic World was gonna top $200m’ you have my permission to unfriend them on Facebook, stop following them on Twitter etc etc.  I say this because THEY’RE LYING.  Universal were conservatively saying $100m and the highest estimate I saw was $150m which raised a few eye brows in itself.  So fast forward to Sunday night and there is a collective cleaning up of spilled coffee from laptops.  The first clue were the astronomical Friday numbers of $80m+ but I still think this is qualifies as a blimey charlie moment.  For the record Jurassic World topped the US box office on its opening weekend with $204.6m or if you like percentages 99.99999% of all ticket sales.  The worldwide figure is north of $500m so Christmas bonuses are secure and Spielberg is presumably wondering what car to treat himself to next.

There isn’t really much point in carrying on but the over-rated Spy fell a single spot to second place with $16m while San Andreas topped out the podium positions with $11m.  Following up on last weeks blog on this topic Entourage saw its box office fall nearly 58% to $4.3m (sixth in the chart) while Aloha tanked another 70% to $0.97m falling out of the top ten altogether … sound of silence as Cameron Crowe waits for the phone to ring with Sony/Columbia begging him to write and direct their next big project.

Any surprises for you, let me know in the comments section below.


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