What’s New in UK Cinemas – Weekend Commencing 19th June 2015

The Filmnomore Movie Blog highlights the bigger movies being released this weekend


I’m not saying its going to be the best film out this week but the most recognisable is probably Entourage.  The HBO show ended a few years ago and the film is belatedly arriving in the UK following a poor showing in the US.  I haven’t seen the TV show but I have heard some say that it had its moment in the sun capturing the spirit of Hollywood of the time but the characters haven’t moved on in the film and its waited too long to hit the big screen.  From watching the trailer the movie appears to be about Vince (Adam Grenier) who is spending a vast budget to make a ‘passion project’ that doesn’t seem to working out.  His now ex-agent (I think) Ari (Jeremy Piven) is, well lets say, feeling the pressure.  There are going to be cameos a plenty so there might be some fun there.

Now if you are a young bachelor wanting to show your date you have a sensitive side the clever option might be to opt for The Longest Ride.  This is the latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel and features a cowboy and a young lady having feelings, feelings she’s probably never had before, cue uncontrollable passion and great drama.  There’s some stuff in there about the cowboy taking a beating and putting his health on the line by continuing his passion which will no doubt test his resolve and her commitment to the relationship.  I saw the trailer at my local cinema on Tuesday night and I couldn’t say I was excited.  There are two potential high points – the ever excellent Alan Alda and Britt Robertson who did a splendid job in Tomorrowland (2015).

If its a classy affair you’re after then I think Mr. Holmes starring Sir Ian McKellen is probably for you.  The story plays with the idea of a real-life Sherlock Holmes who is trying to enjoy his retirement before being dragged back into an unsolved case.  The film also stars Laura Linney so you’ll definitely get some great acting, the only question will be if it can deliver on the intrigue and tension.

I have a pretty full social calendar this weekend so I’m not sure what I’ll be able to find time for.  I think Mr. Holmes is my choice but what is yours?  Let me know in the comments section.


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