US Box Office June 19th – 21st

The Major Emotion Picture doesn’t quite have enough to unsettle the T-Rex


While Inside Out might have fallen short of delivering another number one for Disney and Pixar there’ll be no complaining at Mickey Mouse towers.  Inside Out managed Pixar’s second biggest opening weekend with $91.1m only bettered by Toy Story 3 (2010) although that was an established franchise.  Jurassic World would have been forgiven for having a sub-par second weekend after it appeared everybody in the world went out to see it.  However, this hasn’t proven to be the case as it managed a respectable drop-off of 51.1% to $102m.  It is expected to hit the $1bn mark (worldwide) in the next couple of days setting a new record in the process.

Paul Feig-directed Spy had another decent weekend as box office dipped a mere 32.8% on the previous week to $10.5m.  Just like in the UK Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road refuse to be separated as they stand seventh and eighth in the charts after takings of $2.8m and $2.7m respectively.  Tomorrowland continues to rage against the dying of the light holding onto tenth spot with $2m.  Sadly with a worldwide gross of $195m and a production budget of $190m, once marketing costs and the cinema chains cut of the proceeds are taken into account Disney will be taking a bath with this one.

I have to cut it short here.  Off to see a preview tonight although what of I have no idea.  Will report back tomorrow.


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