UK Box Office 19th to 21st June – Another One Film Race

Jurassic World dominates for a second week at the UK Box Office


I had to find a new Jurassic World image to use today because the film is featuring in so many posts.  I wrote on Monday night how well the film had done in the second week in the US but it has surpassed that feat here in the UK.  Over its second weekend in theatres box office for the film fell just 34% to £11.1m.  It took more than twice the amount of the other films in the top 15 combined.  I think that reflects what was another weak slate of releases and the fact this has become an event movie that everyone has to see so they can be part of the conversation.

Entourage struggled on its opening weekend, not having the same fan base in the UK, with just £0.63m landing in fifth place.  It was beaten to the award of best new film opening by a smaller British film called Mr. Holmes (I’m watching it tonight) which managed £0.7m in forth place.  I need to make a little bit of a correction – the best new performer in the charts was a live streaming of a music concert by ‘man band’ Take That that found itself in second place in the weekend box office race with £0.96m.  Oh dear.  Bring on Minions and let’s see what it can do.


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