UK Cinema New Releases – Weekend of 26th June 2015

Expect Minions to give Jurassic World a run for its money this weekend


Having supplied the biggest laughs in the Despicable Me franchise the Minions have been granted their own audience with cinema goers world wide.  Minions is set in the time before they met Gru as they search for a new diabolical leader to serve.  Their search leads them to Villian-Con and into the possession of Scarlett Overkill who sees an opportunity to pull of an audacious plan.  This has been one of my most anticipated movies of 2015 and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.  It’s going to be popular but with Jurassic World still getting lots of screenings the box office battle could be great.

There aren’t really any other ‘big’ releases hitting cinemas but there are some interesting options.  The one that stands out to me is Slow West for no other reason that it stars Michael Fassbender.  It looks like a western with Fassbender playing an outlaw who offers to guide a young man on a quest to find the woman he loves.  I’m not sure on what level of distribution it is going to have but keep an eye out in the big cities like Manchester.

If you want something a little darker there’s a new Keanu Reeves film out called Knock Knock.  It’s 18-rated so expect adult themes as two pretty young things who appear on his doorstep on a rainy day drenched to the skin.  I’m guessing they’re going to take shelter … oh ooooh! I smell trouble.  There’s also a new comedy on limited release called She’s Funny That Way directed by Peter Bogdanovich which tells the story of the cast and crew of a Broadway production with very complicated personal lives.  Sounds tiresome and I haven’t seen any trailers so I won’t be trying to track it down.


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