Borrrringggg, Borrrringggg – US Weekend Box Office June 26th to 28th

Ted 2 under performs while Jurassic World and Inside Out trade blows


I’d read a report that three films were expected to achieve a $50m weekend – Jurassic World, Inside Out and Ted 2.  The first two duly delivered but Ted 2 disappointed after a somewhat meek $33m debut.  Its predecessor managed $54.4m and while I haven’t seen the film myself (not released here in the UK) the consensus to date appears to be it is suffering from ‘sequelitus’ whatever that means.  Jurassic World just managed to edge out Inside Out after falling behind on Friday.  After a 49% fall on the previous weekend the dinosaur-powered adventure brought in another $54.2m.  As expected Inside Out had a good second weekend with sales falling off 42.4% to $52.1m.  It’s tough to predict how this PIxar animation is going to perform in the long run as it has a staggered release schedule in global markets and Minions will be opening in the next few weeks.

Looking a little further down the list Spy and San Andreas are continuing to demonstrate their popularity at the summer box office – their sales fell 30% and 39% respectively to $7.8m and $5.2m.


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