Glamping Ahoy! – A non movie related blog

I’m off to the Lake District


In what is a first for The Filmnomore Movie Blog this is a non movie related blog.  It’s July so I’m taking a week off work and taking advantage of a present from Christmas – two nights at the Quiet Site situated close to Ullswater in the Lake District.  For my non-UK readers the Lake District is an amazing place in Northern England which is full of mountains, valleys and lakes.  I do a lot of walking in that part of the world and plan to explore this area extensively (weather permitting).  To date I think the far eastern fells provide the best views but there’s still plenty left for me to see.  I won’t be staying in a tent but in a ‘camping pod’ similar to that pictured above.  You get a carpet, lighting and an electrical plug.  In essence its camping with a little bit more luxury and you don’t have to set up the tent.

So it’s fingers crossed on the weather front but sadly it also means some disruption for my blog.  I’ll be going to see Terminator tomorrow lunchtime so I’ll file my review before I take my leave of absence.  Chances are I won’t be able to see Magic Mike XXL and some of my usual posts on box office, new trailers and new releases will have to be sacrificed as well.  Normal service should be resumed by next weekend although admittedly I haven’t looked ahead to see what’s coming out.  I finally caught up with Pompeii (2014) but I’m not sure if I can find the energy to spend 45 mins writing up a review.  It felt like an end-of-season TV special – see Hercules (2014) if you want a similar experience.

If you’ve been to this camp let me know what you thought in the comments section below.


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