US Weekend Box Office – July 10th to 12th



This was foreshadowed by its opening weekend in the UK as Minions opened in the US as the clear number one with $115.2m.  Given the film is so-so in terms of quality it goes to prove the power of a recognisable name and the reason why studios are going to keep giving us sequels because they tend to fair better.  Inside Out is a far superior film to Minions but its a new property so while it’s making good money it’s probably not going to come close to what our little yellow friends are going to make.

Jurassic World and Inside Out fought it out for another weekend and at the moment the dinosaurs have took back the advantage in second place with $18.1m compared to the PIxar film’s $17.1m.  Terminator: Genisys had a solid second weekend with sales down 49.5% to $13.7m while new low budget horror The Gallows opened fifth with $10m.  Magic Mike XXL may have under performed over opening weekend but its box office numbers only dropped off 25% to $9.6m so it may have legs.  For completeness the body-swap/takeover science fiction flick, Self/Less, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds could only manage $5.4m on its opening weekend


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