Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) – Film Review

The Filmnomore Movie Blog goes undercover with its review of Mission: Tom Cruise Needs a hit


To clarify I like the guy but the fact remains Mr Cruise hasn’t been ripping it up at the box office of late and it is therefore no surprise that he has returned to the franchise that is synonymous with his name.  For the fifth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher (2012)) writes and directs as we are reunited with a band of familiar faces.  The IMF is under threat from the Director of the CIA, Alan Hunley, as played by Alec Baldwin who is intent on closing it down.  In the meantime Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is on the trail of a mysterious organisation known as The Syndicate headed up by the sinister Soloman Lane (Sean Harris).  During his efforts to trace The Syndicate, Hunt is captured but escapes with the help of the mysterious Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson).  A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues that takes place across the globe.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation can be summarised as good guys, bad guys, the wildcard and a whole heap of action set pieces.  What this film does well therefore is tick all the boxes of a solid summer blockbuster.  As it turns out the scene with Cruise attached to the plane is not the most impressive in the movie.  My favourite was the action inside the opera in Vienna (featured in the trailer before you cry foul) closely followed by the motorbike chase (also in the trailer) where the director really puts you in the action.  This is all helped by the willingness of Cruise to do most if not all of his own stunts which provides many more options with how to use the camera and you can’t fault this mans commitment to delivering a great product.  That being said the best thing about this film is the performance of Rebecca Ferguson.  She to gets stuck into the action and in my humble opinion is far more believable than Emily Blunt was in Edge of Tomorrow (2014).  Ferguson has the added advantage (from a male perspective) of being able to combine sexuality and power in a way that Tom Cruise can’t.  It’s genuinely hard to believe she was in that piece of crap Dwayne Johnson vehicle Hercules (2014).

What this film doesn’t do so well is lift itself above the ordinary.  It doesn’t have much depth, certainly in terms of character, and Hunt’s character goes nowhere, the motivations of Faust and Lane are’t fleshed out and it’s all dealt with in a couple of scenes when McQuarrie felt compelled to put something into the script.  It’s similar to the ‘Marvel’ problem when the focus is on the hero and the main villain is something of an afterthought.  This approach is never going to create a compelling narrative linking the two protagonists.  Think about how well Javier Bardem portrayed Silva in Skyfall (2012) where he had clear motivation and intent.  It is this relationship which adds real spark to a movie and gets its audience to invest more than just money.

To conclude I had a good time and loved all of the action sequences but in between it was a little bland and lacked imagination.  Worth using your two-for-one voucher code to go and see.  My rating 3/5.


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