UK Weekend Box Office – 7th – 9th August 2015

Do not adjust your screen resolution or change your prescription glasses F4 was number 1


I often attack our cousins across the Atlantic for their general stupidity and lack of cultural education but this week … they got it right, we got it wrong.  I’m not looking to exaggerate how bad the Fantastic Four movie was because if you read my review you’ll remember I didn’t mind it.  It’s true that the ending fell off the edge of a cliff but apart from that it was OK.  All that being said I don’t think of it as a number one film but that is what has happened after it opened to £2.7m,  It was probably helped by the fact that it was only up against Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in its second week (£2.4m) and new release The Gift that opened in fifth place with £0.6m.

The top three was rounded out by the rather excellent Inside Out that had a good third weekend with £2m.  I was pleased to see that Southpaw only saw a 30% drop off from week two to three with £0.8m indicating that positive word of mouth is drawing audiences into the cinema.

Expect a shake up this weekend as there are a number of new releases hitting screens this weekend that I’ll be writing about tomorrow.  I might have to pick and choose what I see to make a few pounds stretch a little further.


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