A Dozen Summers (2015) – A Warning

I couldn’t watch this to the end


This evening saw a very rare event – I didn’t make it to the end of a film.  Like many a blog I suspect I received an e-mail from the director of a small British film called A Dozen Summers.  The very kind gentleman, Kenton Hall, invited me to watch a screener for his new film to help spread the word so I thought what the hell I’ll give it a go.  The concept is interesting enough with 12 year old twins hijacking a film about another story and making it about themselves. The film cuts between the present day and fantasy sequences as we see their lives living with Dad who is divorced from Mum who spends a lot of time away as a ‘model’.

Unfortunately that’s were the good bits end.  The two young leads (Scarlet and Hero Hall) are unbelievably wooden and the dialogue is delivered in a stilted unnatural fashion which drove me up the wall with the result that after 40 minutes I’d had enough; I couldn’t take it anymore; the pain had to stop.  When you’re being distracted by this you start to think about other things such as the jokes aren’t very funny (although that could be the delivery) and why with one parent with an Irish accent and the other American do the kids sound distinctly English and southern?

I felt bad for a few minutes afterwards thinking if I should say nothing at all given the privilege I’d been given of being allowed to watch the film ahead of its theatrical release.  However, I have to call it as I see it and you should avoid spending your hard earned cash on this.  I think it will be on a very limited distribution so you probably won’t have to make this call.  I think the idea is sound although it would probably work better as a kids TV series with the right cast.  I won’t provide a rating as that would be unfair having not sat through the full 83 minutes.  For the record A Dozen Summers is released 21st August.


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