We are Your Friends (2015) – Film Review

A long 1 hour 40 mins


We are Your Friends is directed and co-written by Max Joseph a man better known for making documentaries than movies.  It is headlined by Zac Efron presumably trying to get away from adult comedies and spread his wings to do more drama.  He plays a young wannabe DJ called Cole Carter (no relation) who has a chance meeting with established star James Reed (Wes Bentley) outside a club who for whatever reason takes him under his wing and allows him to use his studio to try new things.  As chance would have it  Mr Reed has an inhumanly hot girlfriend many years his junior  who Cole falls for so I guess we’re gonna have to make him a bit of a jerk to justify any naughtiness on Cole’s part.  Cole has some loser friends who aren’t doing much in the background and he is going to have to find a new sound to break into the big time.

This film has an uphill battle to fight because you already know what is going to happen from the plot outline so it’s impossible to spoil the ending.  It’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t even do a decent job of telling the story.  It get’s bogged down in not very interesting things that I can’t remember with his friends and the will he, won’t h… sorry when will he end up in bed with his new friends impossibly hot lady-friend.  His musical journey and triumphant victory is boiled down to about ten minutes of screen time.  We are Your Friends has two other big problems.  The first is why is Efron’s character friends with the rest of his posse.  He comes across as a pretty normal middle class guy so why is he hanging around with small-time drug dealers and wannabe actors?  His character gets no back story which is typified by a scene in Reed’s house when Cole mentions his mother taught him piano.  When asked if she still taught piano he says words to the effect of ‘I dunno, maybe’.  So at this point we as the audience are awaiting the big revelation … wait for it … here it comes … any minute now … hang on … Reed hasn’t asked him the obvious question … we’re moving on now … but what about his mum … gosh darn it!

I almost forgot, I said two big problems.  It’s treatment of female characters is appalling.  Emily Ratajkowski is the love interest Sophie who is granted the great honour of having a name.  The remaining actresses are used to ware either very skimpy bathing suits or perform the necessary sexual services.  I don’t normally get caught up in this but even as an ignorant middle-aged (almost) man I thought it was ridiculous.

This is a badly directed waste of a couple of hours (taking into account adverts and trailers).  Poorly drawn characters with no back story give you no reason to emotionally invest in the story.  My rating 2/5.


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