The Jungle Book (2016) – Teaser Trailer

Looks like a different beast to the cartoon

This being a teaser trailer you’re not going to get a true feel for the story they plan to tell in this live action adaptation of The Jungle Book.  I say live action but it sure looks like there’s going to be plenty of CGI.  I was left with the impression that this movie is going to have a very different tone to the cartoon as demonstrated by the haunting voice over delivered by Scarlett Johansson whose character is hidden until the last few seconds of the trailer.  We are teased with a few action sequences which suggest a higher level of threat than we’ve seen before.  I’m intrigued but not excited as I’m concerned about the amount of CGI although for all I know even the effects in the trailer aren’t quite finished.  It was interesting to see that Disney felt the need to remind us what films they’d made recently as if nobody new what this property was – either that or they’re trying to distinguish this film from the rival project that is in the works.

What are your thoughts?  Watch the trailer below and leave your comments.


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