Freeheld (2015) – Trailer

They’re going to have to sell me on the age difference

Given the myriad of trailers that get released I don’t have time to write about them all but when you see Julianne Moore’s name its worth checking out.  I would put this in the teaser trailer category at 1 min 20 seconds.  The story of the movie from what I have picked up from the trailer is that it focuses on a lesbian couple who have formed a ‘domestic partnership’ when tragically Moore’s character, a local police detective, is diagnosed with cancer.  It seems obvious that she isn’t making it to the end of the film and the story will be about discrimination and her inability to pass on her police pension to her partner played by Ellen Page.  Steve Carell appears for a few seconds in an unclear role, possibly a lawyer, offering his supporting campaigning for a change in the law.  Who knows what his motivation is going to be.  If this movie is going to work the director Peter Sollett is going to have to sell me on the main relationship.  There’s a clear age difference between the two so why does this relationship work?  Time will tell.

Check out the trailer below and give me your first impressions.


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