Happy New Year & 2015 Favourites


Well Happy New Year everyone.  Yes I know it’s mid January but there was an unfortunate incident involving a hot cup of tea and my laptop over Christmas.  Anyway I’m up and running with a new PC the only change is I’ve opted for a desktop and a 21 inch screen.  I’ve only seen one new film this year which was Joy (2016) which was OK but my biggest problem was that I couldn’t buy into Jennifer Lawrence putting up with all that crap from her family.  Hopefully everything will settle down now and you’ll see me sharpen my critical senses.

The main reason for this post was to finally declare my best movies of 2015.  I’ve already spoiled my top choice but here we go in ascending order:

10 > Southpaw.  Received some mixed critical reviews but I enjoyed Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance and his battle back into the spotlight.

9 > Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  What only nine?  Yes, only nine.  I watched this film three times just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.  Really enjoyed it but there were better films in 2015.

8 > Mad Max: Fury Road.  Epic world creation by George Miller with a strong turn by Charlize Theron.  Loved the imagery in this film.

7 > The Martian.  I was angry after watching the trailer because I thought it told me the whole story and it did.  What it didn’t prepare me for was the level of humour and humanity of Matt Damon.  Bravo young man.

6 > The Gift.  This was the biggest surprise of the year.  I can’t even remember why I chose to see it but I’m glad I did.  The ending is phenomenal so if you haven’t seen it get the DVD.

5 > Kingsman: The Secret Service.  Heads exploding to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory need I say anymore.  Colin Firth kicks bottom and Matthew Vaughn delivers yet again.

4 > Tomorrowland – A World Beyond.  I’m not saying I’m definitely the only person in the world to have this movie on their top ten but screw you guys I loved it.  Optimistic science fiction with a positive message – one person can make a difference!

3 > Ex Machina.  Three great performances and the film that introduced me to Alicia Vikander.  Can’t get the image Oscar Isaac dancing out of my head.

2 > The Theory of Everything.  This film came out so long ago but it was released in 2015 so it counts for my list.  Eddie Redmayne was well deserving of his Oscar for a stunning transformational performance as Stephen Hawking.

1 > Inside Out.  Never thought an animation would win this title but Inside Out is perfectly crafted and is a genius way of describing how humans tick.  Plus Mark Kermode agrees with me so how can I possibly be wrong.

Those were my favourites of 2015 so here’s hoping for a prosperous 2016 even if Zack Synder has another film coming out …


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