Deadpool (2016) – Film Review

Satisfyingly red in tooth and claw


Well its here.  After one of the best marketing campaigns in film history Deadpool hit cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic over Valentines weekend.  The film is directed by Tim Miller marking his debut in full length features and stars Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous superhero aka Wade Wilson who takes up a mysterious offer to cure his late stage cancer.  Little does he know that this will leave him hideously scarred and he goes on a mission to track down the man (Ed Skrein as Ajax) who undertook the treatment.  There’s slightly more to the plot but I don’t want to give everything away.

The movie sets the tone with the opening credits as instead of naming the director etc it refers them to each of them using a variety of disparaging descriptions (with the exception of the writers of course).  There are a bunch of references to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, comments on Ryan Reynolds back film catalogue, the small budget … I could go on.  As it turns out I wasn’t annoyed by Deadpool talking to the audience because (1) it was funny and (2) it acted as a form of narration to keep the viewer up to speed.  The narrative jumps around in time so it doesn’t hurt to have a guide.  Is the film violent?  Hell yes.  There’s a decapitation, numerous head shots, a body splattered against a road sign and other blade related injuries.  While this film will be remembered for its non-stop comedy and violence it does have a surprising amount of heart in the form of Wade’s relationship with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) which while not conventional suits him just fine.  She starts life as a ‘lady of the night’ happy to take his money but through a very funny montage falls helplessly in love with him.

So to summarise Deadpool is violently funny and wears its 15 rating with pride.  It’s difficult in a review to talk about how entertaining this film is without quoting lines at  you and ruining the best jokes.  To put this film into perspective I haven’t seen a bad review and don’t know why anyone would write one.  I thought it would be hit and miss and am happy to report that Deadpool is actually better than could have been expected.  My rating 4/5.


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