Editorial – Odeon Limitless has Arrived!!!


This isn’t intended to be a long post but was overjoyed to see that Odeon has finally launched its Limitless card.  For £17.99 per month (outside central London) you can watch as many films as you want as often as you want.  Before this turns into an advert I would like to explain that as anyone with a passing familiarity with my blog already knows cinema pricing has led to my most popular posts.  To this point the only cinema chain who did  a monthly subscription was (to the best of my knowledge) was Cineworld.  Sadly there is no Cineworld cinema within 25 miles of my house so not much use.  Finally though as the Odeon in Preston is my preferred outlet I can return to regular film going as it affordable again.

What this means (for better or worse) is that my blog is going to come alive again with more reviews than ever before.  Need to get my game face back on.  There are some limitations on the card as it excludes 3D, IMAX and event cinema i.e. pop concerts, live theatre etc.  You can’t earn Premiere Club points when watching films, just when you buy food and drink.

Anyway I’m happy as it finally reward regular film goers!  Blog soon.

2 thoughts on “Editorial – Odeon Limitless has Arrived!!!

  1. The secret is, you can earn points. There’s just some rare cases where you can’t. Because of these, they just said it’s not possible, to cover themselves from a legal perspective.

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