Hail, Caesar! (2016) – Film Review

Not as funny as it perhaps should have been


Hail, Caesar is the latest project from acclaimed duo Ethan and Joel Coen who as ever write and direct a starry cast.  This film is their take on 1950’s Hollywood and Josh Brolin is Eddie Mannix head of Capitol Pictures who spends his days keeping films on schedule and his stars out of the wrong headlines.  George Clooney is superstar Baird Whitlock who is starring in this year’s epic production when he is kidnapped by a mysterious group referring to itself as The Future.  Eddie must keep the story under wraps while preparing the ransom and a tricky decision about his own future.

For a comedy I didn’t find myself laughing that much.  All of my favourite parts were the recreations of different genres of film such as the aquatic spectacular featuring Scarlett Johansson and a song and dance routine with Channing Tatum.  The really good thing about the Tatum role is that he isn’t really asked to speak which is when everything starts to go wrong for him.  Ultimately I think the brothers Coen got too caught up in recreating the period, that I presume they love, at the expense of realising the plot.  The end of the film is almost incidental.  Hail, Caesar is made up of a lot of pleasant bits and pieces that fail to gel and I was somewhat glad when it ended.

Not a whole lot to say about this film.  I know their are Coen devotees who will enjoy the heck out of this film but I’m not one of them.  Sorry folks, my rating 2/5.


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