My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) – Film Review

The sequel nobody asked for


I’ll go through the motions with this one … Nia Vardolis returns to write and star in this sequel about a large interfering group of individuals which according to this film are also known as Greek people.  If you’ve seen the first film is the same thing all over again with everybody sticking their noses into everybody else’s business while causing excruciating embarrassment.  The wrinkle this time is that apparently Toula’s (Vardolis) parents were never officially married because of a missing signature from their marriage certificate.  In parallel Toula and Ian (John Corbett) now have a daughter (Elena Kampouris) trying to choose what college to go to and is keen to escape her family but feels under pressure to say nearby to keep everyone happy.

The best way to understand this film is that it is the same jokes recycled from the first movie but done worse and it’s one of those long 90 minute films if you know what I mean.  None of the characters appears to have learned anything or developed since the last time and if anything Toula has regressed.  There’s not much more to say than that.  I didn’t hate it but I was bored and happy to leave the cinema when it was all over.  My rating 2/5.


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