Swiss Army Man (2016) – Trailer Review

Could be brilliant?


Initially I didn’t think there was much to catch my attention tonight when looking for new trailers but then I clicked on play for the first trailer of a new film starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe called Swiss Army Man.  I’m not sure if its genius or madness but it’s caught my attention.  I will try to do it justice.  Paul Dano is about to hang himself on a deserted beach/island when a dead body washes up (Radcliffe) on the shore.  In what appears to be an act of desperation he pulls the body into a cave in which he lives as if his mere presence will be enough to keep him going.  This is when things get really nuts.  Radcliffe appears to start mimicking Dano and it turns out he’s really useful to have around because he can start fires, regurgitate water to cure dehydration, chop wood etc.  This doesn’t begin to do the trailer justice.  It’s mental and I’m really excited to see the film assuming it reaches a cinema near me.  Not sure what the UK release date is but please check out this trailer and let me know what you think.




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