US Weekend Box Office April 1st to 3rd

Snyder on the hot seat?


Well I think it fair to say that word of mouth and the sheer volume of negative criticism has hit home with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Estimates are in on its second weekend at the box office and ouch!  While $52.4m is nothing to sniff at its week-on-week drop of 68.4% is because we’re in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) territory with this one.  I think some of the criticism has been excessive but a lot of people who wanted to see this film went opening weekend and I don’t think this movie is going to have the repeat viewing necessary to make the mega-mega bucks.

On a more positive note Zootopia (or Zootopolis) remains in second place and is holding strong with its target audience with a miserly 16.7% drop off at $20m.  The most amazing thing to me has been the relative success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 given how poor it is.  Are times that hard for cinema audiences?  It dropped just a single place in the charts to round out the top three with $11.1m.

This weekend there’s a Melissa McCarthy comedy vehicle called The Boss coming out and the first person POV action underdog called Hardcore Henry.  I suspect that The Boss will be pushing BvS for top honours next weekend but we’ll have to see if McCarthy’s light still shines bright?

Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Used with permission.


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